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Mommy Needs a Gift, Too! Campaign

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Mommy Shower, Inc. made it their mission to give gifts to deserving single moms in Sanford, Fl

After being raised by a single mom, I saw how much work moms put in to make Christmas special for their children. I remember having the desire to gift my mom the way she gifted me but I was just a kid, with no money. I saw other family members receiving gifts from their spouse but my mom wasn't one of them. I decided Mommy Shower, Inc. would give a gift special single moms in the community and we would do so by partnering with other local organizations.

Our mission is to help moms prioritize self-care because when we are healthy, we can produce healthy relationships with our children, partners, family, friends and community.

The Mommy Needs a Gift, Too Campaign was created to ensure hard-working, deserving moms with little to no family support receive a gift for the holidays. Oftentimes moms go through great lengths to ensure their children have the perfect Christmas but who makes sure that mommy gets a beautiful Christmas as well? Mommy Shower, Inc. does!

We are partnering with 4 local organizations to gift a total of 20 moms who are Sanford, FL residents with a gift to remind them that they are worthy of receiving gifts just as much as their children are! Our first organization was Kidz Rock Early Learning Center!

Kidz Rock

This Sanford, FL learning center, housed at the Rock Church, had their Christmas parade on 12/6/2021 and we got the opportunity to surprise 5 moms with a gift! The gifts ranged from Target gift cards, hand bags, slippers, facial care and more!

Special thanks to Mrs. Kim Parker and Mrs. Tamarrah Phillips for allowing us to join your parade. We absolutely love what you do for children, families and the community!

If you are interested in Kidz Rock, Feel free to visit their website at: www.

Next stop.... Theater West End!

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